About the project

A new solar PV project was successfully undertaken by Raven Renewables in the Mole Valley area.

Six high efficiency Perlight 400W monocrystalline all black solar panels were installed on a south facing rear roof of the two-storey house, in order to maximise electricity generation.

The installation was completed with a remote monitoring system, allowing the tenants to get real-time data on how much electricity is being generated.

The tenants were left extremely satisfied by the installation, with significantly reduced electricity bills and predicted savings of up to £600 per year.

Project specifications

  • Location: Mole Valley
  • Property use: Residential
  • Project type: Retrofit
  • Technologies installed: Solar PV
  • Panel type: 6 x Perlight 400W Monocrystalline panels
  • Peak output (kW): 2.4
  • Annual output (kWh): 2,318
  • kgC02e/pa saved: 9,967.4
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